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MIDI MaestroFeaturedSupported Operating Systems: Windows All
Screenshot - MIDI Maestro
MIDI Maestro is music software designed for use by amateur and professional music directors, conductors, and musicians in live musical theater and similar musical accompaniment situations (such as worship bands, techno bands, karaoke, and solo-guitar backup). Dynamic, intuitive performance control is combined with powerful sequencing and editing capabilities.
  • Pentium or Celeron 233 or better
  • 32 MB of RAM or more
  • An 800x600, 16 bit (65536) color display or better
  • Any installed and properly configured sound card and speakers
File Size:
15.0 MB
Software Features:
1. Cue to cue performance with support for vamps, caesuras, fermatas, skips and cola voce sections (where the conductor follows a soloist)
2. Work with sets or individual songs; arrange your cues and markers in a tree layout
3. High-performance timing and quick response for real-time action
4. Adjust tempos on the fly in multiple ways
5. Skip or repeat measures as needed during performance
6. Immediately jump to any song or marker in a set
7. Large format beat readout, with color emphasis on beat 1
8. Click track for live percussionists
9. Support for external control of software features via MIDI keyboard, pedals, etc.
10. Tempo and clip maps provide what you need to see during a performance
11. Other views include lead-sheet, event list, piano-roll, staff, velocity, controllers (pitch wheel, effects, etc), faders, time, and karaoke (bouncing-ball or power-point style)
12. Apply your own numbering (and lettering) to measures
13. Full set of MIDI editing tools including quantization and transposition
14. Select, insert, delete, copy, cut, paste sections of "time" for simple splicing
15. Record and playback multiple waveform audio tracks; ASIO drivers supported
16. The WaveMaker converts MIDI directly to WAV or WMA format (Windows Media) format for producing CDs or website audio
Split/Mix/Resample/Filter audio tracks. Full support for DirectShow (Sonic Foundry and CFX, for example) filters.
17. Support for VSTi synthesizers such as GPO, EastWest, Receptor, SampleTank, etc.
18. Easy to use drag and drop "object" style interface
19. Easily change common track properties: patch, volume, balance, key, velocity offset, and timing offsets
20. Uses standard MIDI file formats for easy data exchange with other software (format 0 or 1); Import RSD (Roland Sound) files
21. Synthesizer database contains synthesizer properties, patch names, and percussion note schemas
22. MTC and MIDI Clock synchronization
23. Continuous improvement and revision--with frequent free update releases
24. A reasonable price with a 15-day free trial
Main Functions:
MIDI MakerMIDI CreatorMIDI Editor
MIDI MaestroMisic EditorSound Editor
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MIDI Maker,MIDI Creator,MIDI Editor,MIDI Maestro,Misic Editor,Sound Editor

Screenshot - MIDI Maestro
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Midi Maker - Create professional music files with hundreds of instruments and a simple yet intuitive interface!
Midi Maker is a powerful yet simple application that will enable the creation of professional grade midi files. The large array of available features and extreme ease of use will make building scores in the compact midi format a small task for anyone of any skill level. Add this gem to your collection of composition software today!
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Both are possible, but the MIDI files must first be converted to WAV files. The resulting WAV files can then be burned to an audio CD using any CD recording program, or converted to MP3 files. Remember that WAV files are quite large, so after you have burned your CD or made your MP3 files, delete the WAV files to save space on your hard drive.
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What is MIDI ?
MIDI = Musical Instrument Digital Interface audio standardized hardware parameters set under MPC standards for MIDI interfaces that connect electronic keyboards, synthesizers, and related devices to computers. Musicians may record music into computer (MIDI) files that require much less storage space than WAV files that contain complete files of digitized sounds. A MIDI file does not contain digitized sound. Instead, such a file contains the information needed to play such sounds from a MIDI-compatible device. Music files may be played back (somewhat analogous to the old player pianos) on the MIDI. MIDI sound files are generally of higher quality than their WAV audio files that play on computers without MIDI interfaces. The MIDI is extremely popular among composers and arrangers of music who want to utilize computer aids in their tasks. The mff and mid MIDI file formats are popular file extensions for MIDI files that will run on most PC computers.
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