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SubmitWolf PRO
Screenshot - SubmitWolf PRO
SubmitWolf automates the process of promoting your web pages on the Internet and can dramatically increase the number of visitors going to your web site.

SubmitWolf is a professional website promotion tool, but is also very easy to use.
It can register your web pages with over 1000 search engines and directories. With SubmitWolf, a task which would take months of your time, is reduced to only minutes. In addition, you can also submit your URL to over 1,000,000 link pages.


  • Register your pages with over 1000 search engines and Directories in minutes.
  • Post your links to over 1,000,000 link pages.
  • Increase your Internet presence.
  • Drive more visitors to your web site.
  • Submit as many of your URLs as you like at no additional cost.
  • 48 Hour, Priority Paid Submission on Altavista, HotBot, Inktomi, LookSmart, MSN, Overture, Slider, whatUseek and many others.
  • Create your own URL submission service or submit URLs for your clients with SubmitWolf Enterprise
  • Free technical support in fourteen major languages.
Software Features:
Project DetailsProject Details - The details of each URL are maintained in a submission project and can be re-submitted whenever a change is made. The Project tab allows you to enter basic information about your website. The list on the left provides a summary of your projects.

Projects are easy to navigate and are opened by double clicking a project name.(A separate, more powerful project manager is available in the Enterprise version) Clicking the Import button invokes the Page Import wizard to quickly and easily extract web site details from an existing web page.

CategoryCategory - Select one or more categories appropriate for your web site. SubmitWolf PRO smart category selection will ensures that your web page is listed in the appropriate category on each engine.

Contact detailsContact details - Company contact details are used for submissions to yellow-pages type indexes on the internet.

Most of the contact details are optional, however some engines will not list your URL if the contact details are omitted.

EnginesEngines - The Engine Selection screen is used to select engines for submission. It is also a quick reference to previous submission history, providing details of the last time your site was submitted and the status of the submission.

Smart category selection allows quick selection of the sites that you are able to submit to. Engine lists can be organized through the Widows Explorer style interface. Use the engine editor to add your own engines.

ReportsReports - SubmitWolf PRO provides a comprehensive submission report. In adition to the summary screen, you can also view the submission response page as returned by the engine.

With over 2000 SEO companies using SubmitWolf to provide their services, SubmitWolf is the industry standard for web promotion.

Many businesses utilise a submission services such as to promote their web site and pay for EVERY URL submitted. For only $95 you can own the software which many such services themselves use. In addition, you can submit as many of your URLs as you like, at no extra cost.

With over 2,000,000 copies downloaded, SubmitWolf PRO is the leading submission program on the Internet today.

"I've got a registered copy of SubmitWolf, and I have to say that since using it, I've increased my site hits from maybe 100 or 150 per day, to a MASSIVE 5000+."

Adam C. Mason - Director, Scandelta Consulting & Sales Ltd

    How does it work?

    Simply enter your website details into SubmitWolf PRO, select the search engines where you would like to be listed and SubmitWolf PRO will do the rest. SubmitWolf PRO automatically visits each engine, downloads the registration form, fill's it in for you and submits it. It does this in exactly the same way as if you did it manually using a browser.

    To add your link to just a thousand engines by hand would take months of your time, with SubmitWolf PRO, the same task takes minutes!

    FREE Updates and Support

    The Internet is a very dynamic environment and engines need to be updated on regular basis. Trellian's unique distributed search engine database ensures that your program is always current, by providing DAILY search engine updates. It also enables you take advantage of updates submitted by the network of SubmitWolf 6 users. To put it simply, no other Submission software is as up-to date and as current as SubmitWolf.

    ZDNet Editors' PickMultiple Award Winner: SubmitWolf PRO is the product of choice for Business, and Home Internet users. It has received numerous awards for excellence, including an Editor's Pick award from ZDNet.
    "SubmitWolf is powerful, easy to use, elegantly designed, and fast." - ZDNet Editor
    The highest acclaim comes via testimonials from our users. With over 1 million installations, you know you are on a winner.
    Chinese (GB)
    Chinese (BIG5)

    SubmitWolf Enterprise
    For additional features, batch submissions, or for starting your own submission service, an Enterprise version of SubmitWolf PRO is also available.
    InktomiPriority Submit
    GUARANTEED 48 hour inclusion to Altavista, HotBot, Inktomi, LookSmart, MSN, Overture, Slider, whatUseek and many other search engines.
    Main Functions:
    website submitweb submitsearch engine submit
    submit to search engineweb page submitsubmit web page to submit
    RegNow Secure Ordering - 100% Secure Purchase
    Regnow Help - Shopper Support
    The order process is protected through a secure connection.Your personal data is encrypted and cannot be accessed by a third party.
    We do not record your credit card information.
    You can select the payment type such as credit card, switch/solo, bank/wire transfer, check, cash.
    Payment Methods

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