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Sound SnooperFeaturedSupported Operating Systems: Windows All
Screenshot - Sound Snooper
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Sound Snooper supports recording from multiple sound cards simultaneously. The key features are: voice activated recording, stealth recording, all possible sound formats are supported, low system resources using.
File Size:
Software Features:

Where SoundSnooper can be used?

  • Conference recordings
  • Phone calls monitoring and recording
  • Radio broadcasts logging
  • Spying, employee monitoring, etc.

Sound Snooper configuration window

Key features of SoundSnooper include

  • Voice activated recording - The program automatically starts and stops recording, so only voice will be recorded.

  • Completely undetectable software

  • Multiple sound card support - Sound Snooper supports recording from multiple sound cards simultaneously.

  • Automatic and semi-automatic gain control

  • Storing records in any sound format, supported by Windows system.

  • One click email sending with record attached.

  • Very low system resources using. Sound Snooper uses very little system resources while recording and even less when it's in standby mode.

  • Totally stealth recording. Nobody can learn that Sound Snooper is active.

  • All possible sound formats are supported. You can record WAV files in any format - MP3, PCM, GSM, ADPCM and many others.

How does SoundSnooper work?

It's really transparent. It constantly monitors sound card(s) for voice activity. SoundSnooper starts recording once it detected loud sound, and automatically stops recording when voice disappeared. The most interesting feature is cutting out long silent pauses. This dramatically decreases disk space usage.

System requirements

  • Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP
  • Sound card
  • for recording from microphone:
    a.microphone attached to sound card
    for recording from phone line:
    b. adapter needed.


Recording phone calls

Telephone adapter is plugged into both Line-In jack of the sound card, and telephone handset / headset. This brings both sides of the telephone conversation to the sound card. The audio signal is digitally recorded and saved as a standard .WAV file.

Telephone Adapters

Voice Port

Connect Voice Port between the base of your telephone and the handset or headset. The two attached audio cables give you audio in and out of your telephone. Connect the "From Phone" cable to the mic input on your computer sound card, connect the "To Phone" cable to the line or speaker output of your sound card.

Omnicron TSA-3PC

The TSA-3PC is used to provide a simple and inexpensive method of connecting supervisory monitoring equipment to the handset circuit of a telephone. It is usable on most telephone styles which have a standard modular handset or headset jack and provides isolated and adjustable audio output that can be set to a weak level for use with microphone (MIC) input circuits, or the audio output can be turned up for use with Auxiliary level input circuits.Works great with PC sound cards. No external power is required.

Conexx Model 100

When accuracy and record keeping are essential, the Model 100 allows conversations on virtually any analog or digital modular phone system to be recorded. This handset-interface product will connect a cassette recorder, or even the sound card in your computer, to most telephones and ensures that all sides of a conversation are recorded at equal levels.


Automatically records phone conversations with any portable cassette tape recorder with a remote control jack. This device will automatically start your tape recorder when the telephone receiver is picked up and stops the tape when it is replaced. This unit will only operate on single line phones.

Main Functions:
Conference RecordingsPhone calls monitoring,recordingRadio broadcasts logging
Spying, employee monitoringRM to WAVMIDI to WAV
Radio , TV , CD Player to WAVcassette tape to WAVmicrophone to WAV
CD to WAVFlash/game to WAVDVD/MPEG/AVI/ASF/MOV... to WAV
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Conference Recordings,Phone calls monitoring recording,Radio broadcasts logging,Spying employee monitoring,RM to WAV,MIDI to WAV,Radio , TV , CD Player to WAV,cassette tape to WAV,microphone to WAV

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System requirements

1. Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP

2. Sound card for recording from microphone:
(microphone attached to sound card)

3. for recording from phone line.
( adapter needed)

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