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Mp3 Frame EditorFeaturedSupported Operating Systems: Windows All
Screenshot - Mp3 Frame Editor

Edit your mp3's without having to decode them and then encode to mp3 again (loss of quality). Edit (copy, paste, delete, etc), volume/balance change, fade in/out, insert silence, and split/merge functions. Tag and other info display. If you collect mp3's from the web you should have a program like this to fix them.

Finally, a real mp3 editor. Not just a tag editor or silence trimmer. This editor really lets you edit mp3 files without decoding and encoding them (loss of quality). If you collect mp3's from the unreliable sources such as the internet you should have a utility like this to fix them.
Do your mp3's have too high or low volume, improper balance, or large parts of silence or noise at ends? Yes, you could edit them using one of many wav editing tools, but in the process of decoding and encoding back to mp3 you lose sound quality. Well, perhaps your troubles are over now, since mp3 Frame Editor edits mp3 files without decompression and compression. This editor doesn't have fancy function like other sounds editing programs (equilizer, echo, effect this, effect that), but it enables you to do basic operations, sufficient for great majority of users.
What can this program do? It lets you copy, paste, & delete (or cut or trim) blocks inside mp3 file. It also lets you adjust volume & balance of the whole file or just the selected part. It has fade in, fade out, and insert silence functions. Splitting a file or inserting a file is also possible. You can also use this editor to view and remove (not edit) id3v1 and id3v2 mp3 tags (as well as some other types).

File Size:
3.24 MB
Software Features:
File menu:
Open (load) opens a file. Save is used for quicksaving (if you're not sure about the filename it will save into, look at the target label -in the middle of the above window- showing the current document name), and save as for saving to a different filename. You can make the program warn you before closing unsaved files or overwriting existing ones - you set this in the options menu. Reopen (reload) is used to open the last opened file. Close function exists, although it's not really needed because opening new file closes the previously opened one. Finally, multi-file functions enable you to split a file into 2 or 3 pieces or insert a new file into the opened (source) one. Note that inserting files of different stereo mode or frequency will produce results playable by most players but not compatible with many mp3 utilities, including mp3 Frame Editor itself.

Edit menu:
Use it, or respective buttons, to access standard editing functions: copy, paste, cut, delete, trim, select all, unselect, undo, as well as mp3FE specific: volume & balance change, fade in/out, and add silence. Copy (Ctrl+C) copies selected frames to local clipboard. Note: this clipboard is not accessible by other programs. You can't copy from one file and paste to another. Paste (Ctrl+V) pastes previously copied frames (replacing the selection if it exists) to the cursor spot. Delete (Delete key) deletes selected frames. Cut (Ctrl+X) copies and deletes. Select all (Ctrl+A) selects all frames. Unselect (Ctrl+Alt+A) unselects the selection. Undo (Ctrl+Z) cancels last operation. Note: multiple operations can't be undone. Undo after save is allowed. Volume & Balance change (Alt+V) lets you alter volume and balance of selected frames (amplify or weaken both or just one channel). Note: balance change will function perfectly only on full stereo or dual channel mp3 files. Effects of balance change on joint stereo files may not please you sometimes. Fade In/Out (Alt+D) lets you change amplification gradually through selected range of mp3 frames. Add Silence (Alt+I) lets you insert empty frames. If you choose one of last three functions, windows like below open. Use controls to adjust parameters, then press OK (or close the window to cancel):

Options menu:
Options are as follows:
Fail, prompt, or attempt to continue when processing error occurs? Mp3's often contain non-sound data between frames and first or last frame may be incomplete. By this option you instruct the program what to do when it encounters something not exactly formatted by the book. Recommended (default): attempt to continue.
Automatically select all on load? Check if you want the whole file to be selected after you load it. If you do, you can apply global amplification (or balance change) immediately. Advised.
Reload after overwriting the source file? Default: off. Determines if you want the editor to close or reopen the mp3 when you save it overwriting the original (source).
Prompt to save changes before closing? Default: off. If you leave it off, you lose unsaved changes without warning.
Overwrite (output file) without prompt always, only when quicksaving, or never? Left to your personal taste. Default is the second: only when quicksaving.

Play menu:
Use it, or respective buttons, to play either input (last loaded) file, output (last saved) file, selection (you made with your cursor), or preview (saves a temporary file then plays it). Play commands call external registered player for mp3 file type, just like when you click an mp3 filename in Windows Explorer. Means that if you don't have a player for mp3 files, Frame Editor will not play them. For newcomers into the world of computers and mp3's, the player most people prefer is Winamp.

View tag buttons and remove tags checkboxes:
You can inspect the contents of several types of tags using these buttons. Most commonly used tags are header ID3v2 tag and footer ID3v1 tag. You can't edit the tags using this program. However, the web is full of tag editing software. Mp3 Frame Editor lets you remove any tag you want. It even locates, displays, and optionally removes unknown types of tags.

Position controls:
Mouse: left-click any point on frame display area to position the cursor. Use the scrollbar below for equivalents of left, right, page-up and page-down. Double-click a frame to display basic information about it (such as kbps rate or amplification). To make a selection, you can either right-click on the spot different than the current cursor spot, or hold down the shift key while left-clicking, or drag, which means press down left mouse button on one spot and release it over another, to select the area between. There are also buttons below that you can use to increase or decrease either cursor position or end of selection position. Small "clear" button has the same effect as "unselect". Small "find" button that isn't visible on the above image is used to locate the cursor or selection when it's off screen (visible area displays just 84 frames).
Keyboard: you can use the textboxes to enter cursor or selection-end position in seconds. In order to make a typed value effective, you must press Enter key. Invalid time values will be colored in red while you type them. Use Tab or Ctrl-Tab keys to change active control. You can also use PgUp, PgDn, Ctrl-Home and Ctrl-End keys to change the offset of frame display.

Other notes:
- Mp3 Frame Editor may be used to "open mp3 files with" or drag-and-drop-into using Windows Explorer.
- Mp3 Frame Editor is different color schemes user-friendly, and the only part that doesn't change color is the frames display area (predefined colors on black background).
- Variable bitrate (VBR) files usually contain some sort of seek header embedded in the first frame. Mp3 Frame Editor discards this header and replaces it with its own Xing header (most frequently used type of VBR seek header). Info headers of constant bitrate (CBR) files are always discarded. There are no user commands to alter this.
- Bug reports and improvement suggestions are welcome.

Main Functions:
Mp3 EditorMP3 EditMP3 Copy
MP3 PasteMP3 CutMP3 Delete
MP3 AmplifyMP3 VolumeMP3 Balance
MP3 RemoveMP3 FrameMP3 Frames
MP3 SilenceMP3 NoiseMP3 Decoding
MP3 EncodingMP3 TrimMP3 Trimming
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Mp3 Editor, Edit, Copy, Paste, Cut, Delete, Amplify, Volume, Balance, Remove, Frame, Frames, Silence, Noise, Decoding, Encoding, Trim, Trimming, Download,Windows

Screenshot - Mp3 Frame Editor
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