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Media Manager
Supported Operating Systems: Windows All
Software, lots of software, on different media, CD's, DVD's, Hard Drive Files.
It's all too easy to forget what you have exactly, where it all is, and the important background details that let you judge which software is suitable for any particular purpose you may have in mind.

If you have ever been frustrated at not being in control of your software collection, then Media Manager provides much more than the standard file catalog range of functions.
Its advanced design employs many advanced features that enhance the catalog process.
For example it employs highly automated Metadata extract and import functions where content rich data is extracted from the source file itself which is then supplemented with any matching content from a suitable internet resource - such as FreeDB, IMDB and

File Size:
Media Manager organizes your files in logical collections (volumes) where for example you could have all your pictures in one volume and your MP3's in another.
Of course you can further sub-divide your collections by using specialized volumes of your own design - be as creative as you like!

Media Manager's highly configurable search and report engine will keep track of your software; its File Editor will allow you to modify entries manually and automatically (direct internet import when available); its File Viewer will present custom display layouts so as to let you best enjoy the catalog content and its detailed reports generator will print or save to file the sections of the catalog you choose.

Media Managers advanced design puts you back in control of your multimedia software collection!

(Press the Download button for a fully working 30 Day Free Trial. Media Manager currently supports W98SE, Win ME, W2000 and Win XP operating systems.)

Software Features:

1. Multiple help "Wizards" to guide you through the more involved set-up options.

2. Specialized reports can be generated on the file contents in many different formats (for print or file saving e.g. PDF, RTF, HTML, TXT).

3. Common Picture file types can be auto "Thumb nailed" for future reference.
Or you can add a Thumbnail picture of your choice to any file type. A choice of thumbnail capture resolution is available.

4. Multiple Thumbnails (As many as you can fit on your chosen page size) can be printed out or saved as a Jpeg file. Thumbnail print size can be set at small or large. (Independent of the actual thumbnail capture resolution.)

5. Multimedia files (Audio/Video) can be previewed from the File Editor on an individual basis or on a multiple scale from the File Viewer. The File Viewer allows you to choose any one of the fully configurable layouts you have designed.
Have a Jukebox type for MP3 playback or a “Video Wall?with a stack of MPG’s to choose from. Or simply have a full screen of Pictures that you can slide show.
Double click the thumbnail image in the File Viewer and if it is an Audio or Video file then it will play in the thumbnail box.

6. Videos can be paused and a thumbnail captured.

7. Files can be "Rated" with a value. Searches can be carried out using the rating value as the main or one of the secondary parameters for returning a match.

8. Files can be tagged with multiple user defined "Keys" that can assist in organizing your catalog the way you want it. Keys can be added automatically at import time or manually after import.
Example, Set a (auto) key to indicate that it is a "picture" file, then add extra keys to that file to define it more explicitly - say "Karen's Wedding Photo", then sub define it further if you wish. You can then easily return all the pictures in your catalog, categorized to the level you require.

9. Powerful and flexible Disk or Directory Add feature. Contents can be filtered to provide only the files that match your defined parameters. This eliminates the storage of unwanted files - saving you time, effort and system resources. Files can be tagged with multiple "Keys" that allow later retrieval of specific file types with the click of your mouse button!

10. Drag and drop support, to and from, the main file detail fields. For example, do a web search for some information on a catalog file, drag a picture to the thumbnail spot directly from your browser. You could also then drag some highlighted text from the browser to a catalog field - a quick and painless update!

11. Powerful search support including search on; Keys, Filenames, Document contents , Date, Size. All individually or in multiple combinations!

12. Searches can be built on one and another - carry out several searches and then return the combined results.
For example do several file name searches using separate names, with all the other filter combinations set as you desire (keys,sizes,dates etc) for every individual search. All of which allows you to build up extremely detailed and precise search results!

13. File records returned in searches can be transferred with one mouse click to any other volume.

14. Full COPY, MOVE, DELETE operations on the actual disk files referenced in the catalog records.

15. Files can be CRC checked - find duplicates or files that have been since modified.

16. CDDB support through - Automatically gathers Artist/Track information for your CD's and stores the data in the catalog.

17. Catalogs can be encrypted with a user supplied password for extra security.

18. EXIF information from camera pictures can be stored(fully configurable).

19. MP3 information "Tags" can be stored.

20. Common Archive types (e.g. .ZIP, .RAR. .CAB etc.) can be internally searched and their contents listed for future searches.

21. IMDB support. - Import Movie and Game data from the internet's IMDB directly into the catalog.

22. Search and data retrieval. Search Amazon for information, pictures, prices etc for DVD's, Books - whatever Amazon stocks! Very powerful search engine, for example use a general key phrase or an ISBN number if you have one.

23. Microsoft Office documents - scanned and parameters imported, including any preview picture that was (optionally) saved within

Main Functions:
Media ManagerFile CatalogDisk Catalog
Media OrganizerVideo CatalogAudio Catalog
Images CatalogCD Collection 
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