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MP3 List Maker De LuheFeaturedSupported Operating Systems: Windows All
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MP3 List Maker De Luhe - Not an average list maker. It creates a list of your mp3 files with misc info in either internal format or export format for usage in other applications. It helps you find duplicates in your own list and compare your list with other people's lists, to find out what they have that you don't and the opposite. Plenty functions and options to satisfy almost everyone... Make a list of your mp3 files. Save it in internal format or export as text, html, or xls, including information of your choice. Find duplicates in your list(s). Compare lists (including those created by other applications) and find out what others have that you don't and the opposite. A real mp3 list maker with plenty options to satisfy almost everyone.
Explanation of program's functions follows, with some examples of exported files. Scroll to the bottom of the page to download the free version, see how to register, or read system requirements and download & installation help.

File Size:
3.69 MB
Software Features:

1. Save as: (disabled until you make a list) Saves the list in internal format, as LMDL file. All info (including the info not displayed in view window) is saved, as well as the sorting type.
2. Load: Loads a previously saved list.
3. Export: (disabled until you make a list) Saves the list in a format other applications can use. You choose between text, plain html, table html, and excel sheet. There are many options you can set to modify the look of your exported lists.
4. Import: A powerful function that enables you to import not only previously exported files, but other people's text lists as well (usually mirc serving scripts files, but anything similar as well). Note the difference between save-load and export-import processes. When you save and load an exact copy of your list with all info is restored. When you export, only info you chose to export is written, and when you import, other info is lost.
5. Options: Opens the options window. Don't let the variety of options scare you. Most of them you will never need to change. More about each option later.
6. View: (disabled until you make a list) Opens the view window. This is the place you use to call functions like FIND DUPLICATES or COMPARE LISTS. Once in view window, you can also insert or edit the entries, change list appearance, re-sort it, or save/export it. More about all these later.
View external: (disabled until you export a list) Calls the external viewer (such as notepad or browser) to display the exported file.
7. About: See version info or read the help html file from the window that will appear. This file is almost identical to the one you're reading now.
8. New: Adds titles to a new list. This closes the previously made list, if there is any. You don't get "are you sure you want to do this?" prompt when disposing unsaved lists smaller than 1000 items.
9. Append: (disabled until you process some mp3 files) Adds new titles to the existing list (previously processed items remain on the list).
10. Search all drives: Check to scan "my computer" for mp3's.
11. Include subfolders: This switch is commonly on, which means mp3 List Maker De Luhe will search not only the root of the folder specified, but all its subfolders as well.
You have also noted the existence of a drive list combo enabling you to switch disk drives and folder list below letting you specify the folder where you want to search for mp3's. Only files with .mp3 extension will be processed. mp3LMDL will not attempt to process files with other extensions to determine if they're mp3's.

Main Functions:
Mp3 List MakerMakeLists
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Screenshot - MP3 List Maker De Luhe
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