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AV Voice Changer DiamondFeaturedSupported Operating Systems: Windows All
Screenshot - AV Voice Changer Diamond

Voice Changer Diamond is both a voice alteration program and a home recording studio. In addition to the basic functions, Voice Changer Software Diamond provides more usability and audio manipulation tools, such as Nickvoice Rules, Limiter, Noise Reduction, and many more.

Voice Changer Software enables you to change voice to man, woman, teen, baby, or whatever voice in realtime to disguise voice in voice chat and PC phone; Enhance voice quality for better sex appeal; Simulate people's voices with the help of Voice Comparator; Create different voices for movies/audio clips; Customize voice, effect and format of music; Record from any sources; Work online/offline; Support mp3, wma, wav, ogg; High compatibility.

File Size:
10.3 MB
disguise voiceDisguise gender and age for online fun
Change pitch and tone to have a different voice
enhance musicEnhance music quality
change voiceChange voice to be anonymous in voice chat change karaokeChange voice when you sing karaoke
Optimize your karaoke singing
change musicChange voice and effect to music
Alter singers?voices and add cool effects to music
imitate voiceImitate someone's voice
Imitate someone else's voice with the help of the voice simulator
create voiceCreate different voices for movies, web sites
Create various voices from one single voice
record chatRecord chat conversation, online audio, music, voice
Record anything that you can hear on your computer
Play MP3 music and other formats
Change voice and tempo of music
Enhance voice and music playing
Improve voice quality and music playing
Reduce noise and maximize volume
Limit noise and sound distortion and enhance background audio
Free library of "nickvoices", effects, and celebvoices
Free download coolest nickvoices, effects and celebvoices
Optimal usability for audio file manipulation
Set rules for nickvoices with different applications for convenience.
Software Features:
Disguise gender and age for online fun
No matter if they¡¯re male or female, young or old, you still can make them surprised with this online voice changer software. Now that you can disguise your voice, playing the role of a passionate gentleman, a sexy chick, or a naughty teen gal is just as easy as pie.
How does this computer voice changer work? Thanks to its Pitch and Timbre table and Equalization settings, AV Voice Changer Software allows you to create an unlimited number of pitch-timbre levels. Equalizer and Advanced Tuner can be adjusted to help normalize the new voice to make it more natural.
Change voice to be anonymous in voice chat rooms, online games, PC-to-Phone conversations
Browbeaten by bad chaps? Not allowed to play adult games? Want to make sure that nobody knows your real identity? Now, with AV Voice Changer Software, you not only can escape others¡¯ threats but also ¡°haunt¡± them the other way around. Like a ¡°ghost,¡± you can roam freely in voice chat rooms and online games. Being anonymous, you can play tricks on your buddies, or, who knows, maybe catch your hubby (or wife) in the act.
Try this online voice changer software download ¨C you¡¯ll become totally anonymous in voice chat.
Change voice and effect to music
In addition to changing a user¡¯s voice, this computer voice changer lets you change voices and add effects when playing pre-recorded music. Imagine your friends¡¯ surprise when Britney Spears sings ¡°Baby One More Time¡± in the voice of a young guy or an old man, or Bon Jovi sings ¡°It¡¯s My Life¡± in a childish or girlish voice¡­ and even more voices, depending on your talent and creativity. You can add dozens of effects from the list available in the program, or download even more effects from our web site.
This computer voice changer includes a Recorder, enabling you to save changed music as ¡°new¡± songs and make your own remix CDs ¨C wow, what a cool gift for friends!
Create different voices for movies, web sites
AV Voice Changer Software is not only an online voice changer for voice chat, it can also be used for business purposes. Moviemakers and storytellers create different voices for each of your characters from one single voice. Voice Changer Software can also be used to make voices for commercials, presentations, reports, recorded lectures, narrations, lessons, auto greetings, voicemail messages, voice greeting cards, etc.
In addition to the basic algorithms of Pitch-Timbre changing, additional tools ¨C such as Advanced Tuner, Effects, ¡°Nickvoice,¡± and Equalizer ¨C allow you to create new voices. ¡°Nickvoice List¡± will help you manage a lot of voices at the same time.
Enhance music quality
Not happy with your own voice? Want to make it sweeter, warmer, sexier, or more impressive? You don¡¯t need surgery ¨C this trusted online voice changer will improve your voice dramatically. So be confident when you speak online or record your narrations.
Change voice when you sing karaoke
Imagine singing karaoke with a much more beautiful voice, or with many different voices in a single song. Voice Changer Software can also record your song and then retouch it, if you wish, to make a karaoke album.
AV Voice Changer Software is compatible with all PC karaoke players. You can also use AV Voice Changer Software with a regular karaoke device if your PC line-out is connected to it.
Imitate someone's voice with voice simulator
One of our computer voice changer¡¯s cool features is the new voice simulator, which allows you to imitate someone else¡¯s voice. The voice simulator can compare two voices in terms of pitch, timbre, and intonation. Based on that information, you can adjust the pitch, timbre, or frequency levels, or apply effects, to make your voice sound similar to the target voice. You can ask the voice simulator to auto-simulate voice as an alternative.
To use the voice simulator, open the Comparator module in Voice Changer Software. A list of voice samples ¨C from famous movie stars, singers, artists, film directors, even the President ¨C is available for you to practice imitating. To compare your voice with a target voice not on the available list, press ¡°Add¡± next to the sample list to add another voice sample.
Record chat conversation, online audio, music, voice
If you want to archive chat or telephone conversations, use this online voice changer. AV Voice Changer Software can record all conversations in voice chat rooms. If you want to capture and store any online audio, music, or voices, Voice Changer Software will help you do so.
To save chat conversations, online audio, music, or voice, simply click Recorder in the main panel, then choose the location and file format in Settings.
Play MP3 music and other formats
In Voice Changer Software Gold, when you playback your recorded file, a built-in MP3 player will activate automatically. This helps save time and improve your recording performance. This MP3 player can play and modify music in 12 different file formats, including mp3, wma, wav, aif, au, irc, nist, ape, cda, mp2, ogg, and asf. You can make the MP3 player ¡°agree¡± with the voice changer module to either morph or not morph the music being played.
Enhance voice and music playing
Exclusive to Voice Changer Software Diamondare advanced voice and music quality controls, providing even more changes than Equalizer and Effects. New morphing tools include Frequency Morpher, Voice Equalizer, and Sound Quality. With these advances, you can control the output voice quality more effectively.
Reduce noise and maximize volume
Reducing noise and enhancing background audio are important steps after recording your audio. Specialized to minimize noise and background audio distortion, Limiter and Noise Reduction in Sound Quality are very helpful for you to improve the sound quality of your recordings.
Free library of "nickvoices", effects, and celebvoices
As an owner of Voice Changer Software Diamond, you can download of our rich library of the newest and coolest ¡°nickvoices,¡± effects, and celebvoices, which are FREE for Diamond Edition only. If you own the full version of Voice Changer Software Diamond, please follow the download link on the left menu of our web site to access our download store.
Optimal usability for audio file manipulation
Voice Changer Software Diamond is extremely useful for those who wish to use many different chat tools with different nickvoices (each nickname has a favorite nickvoice). The Nickvoice Rule allows you to associate a specific ¡°nickvoice¡± with a specific application, such as Yahoo Messenger, Skype, or Net2Phone, so that you always have the right voice for the right people at the right time.
Main Functions:
enhance voicereduce noiseaudio effects
internet radio recorderMP3 voice recorderdigital voice
computer voice changervoice simulatorsimulate voice
mic voice changercomputer voiceonline voice changer
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Screenshot - AV Voice Changer Diamond
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